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Why Self Storage?

Why Self Storage? Greenville-Appleton Northwest-Grand Chute

Why Use Self Storage?

Reduce Clutter
Renting a self storage unit is a great way to clear out some space and reduce clutter at home or at the office. A storage unit is the perfect place to keep some of your extra things such as old appliances, old toys, memorabilia, heirlooms, or just boxes of random items.

Self storage units are safe places that offer many security features that are normally not found on at homes. Storage facilities are often protected by surveillance cameras, gated entry, a security fence, limited entry after hours, exterior lighting, as well as possible security guards in addition to the lock on your unit. Home security systems may protect items in your home, but it does not do much to protect things in storage sheds or in your yard.

Certain items may pose potential hazards when kept at home, so it is nice to have a secure area to keep these items safe as well as ensure the safety of your family. If you are the handyman type and have lots of power tools, saws, drills, and other possibly dangerous items, a storage shed is a perfect place to store these items in between projects to reduce the risk of possible accidents caused by curios children or anybody else.

Most homes aren't equipped to hold large items that you may have such as boats, canoes, or vintage care. If you find you just don't have the room for all of your fun things, a self storage unit could give you the perfect place to store such items while providing protection from weather as well as security for your things. If your garage is filled with unused exercise equipment and camping supplies while your car is left outside in the elements, you may consider a self storage unit to reclaim your garage.

If you decide to rent a self storage unit, you may be required or offered insurance which will replace your valuables if they are stolen or damaged while in storage. Self storage insurance also may actually cheaper than homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

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